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Andy Parkinson Guitar Tuition


Hi Andy - just wanted to say a massive thank you - Ethan has always said he wanted to play in his school music assembly but has never quite plucked up the courage until today (his last chance as he leaves school this year and it was the last one of the year). He was so nervous before school that he was shaking, and he was last on - and looked terrified whilst he was waiting. But ... he stood up, plugged in his amp, took a deep breath - and went for it! His teachers were gobsm...acked and let out an audible gasp (he is known for being quite anxious at school), his form teacher turned to me and mouthed 'wow', some of the kids started dancing, and he got an absolutely massive round of applause at the end. I was so so proud I could have burst - to see my slightly shy anxious boy get up and show everyone such a different side to his personality. But it is down to you and all the effort you have put with him over the past year, and your encouragement and teaching - so thank you - really (and he is bursting to tell you about it tomorrow)!

Jenny Ramsden

A short series of classes with Andy helped me to treat my guitar in a more relaxed manner. Musical theory isn't my strong point, but Andy offered clues which made sense. As a result, I'm picking up the guitar and trying things out rather than thinking "I have to practice".

Molly Kenyon

I had never had guitar lessons and felt that I had reached a plateau and needed a boost to move on to a new level. I had an idea of what I wanted to work on but found that I rapidly improved my knowledge and technique in ways that I hadn't anticipated. I would definietley recommend guitar lessons with Andy.

Andy D

I have been having guitar lessons with Andy for over 3 months now. Andy has shown me so much and opened up a whole new way of playing for me…..his approach to lessons is great, I learn so much. I didn’t think learning could be this much fun :)

Claire M

My son loves his lessons and can’t get enough of them, he can’t wait to get started and practice what he has just learnt once he gets home. Andy knows how to get the best out of him, which is something I struggle with – Thank you Andy.

Lisa W